Ultimately the decision comes down to your business objectives and your available budget. If you’d like to discuss the options in more detail, please feel free to give us a call.

Pop up exhibition stands

A pop up exhibition stand is very simple, consisting of pull out graphics and frame. A pop up exhibition stand is ideally suited to the smaller budget, allowing you customised graphic panels that can neatly fold away into a single case. These are particularly useful when space or funds are at a premium. The graphics are changeable, so can be modified for each show.

Modular exhibition stands

A modular exhibition stand is a bit more advanced than the pop-up stand, it is possible to purchase an array of panels that can be used at a number of shows in different layouts. This is a particularly cost effective way of ensuring you have a versatile and scalable stand that also offers a good return on investment.

Custom build stand

When the budget will allow and you need to make more of an impact, a custom build stand is the answer. Given enough time, budget and imagination almost anything can be built for an exhibition. To ensure maximum return on investment, elements of the stand can be reused at multiple exhibitions. Structure, materials, lighting, graphics and equipment are all important features to consider. With a custom build stand, the sky’s the limit. We’ve designed and built many custom build exhibition stands in venues around the world, featuring everything from double decker structures, to full barista coffee bars. A custom build exhibition stand requires much more planning than a modular stand – find out more about our design and build process.

Shell scheme stand

A shell scheme stand is based on a modular system of poles and panels that can be configured to suit any size of exhibition stand or venue. The shell scheme system allows exhibitors to simply turn up, mount their own graphics using the walls provided and set out their equipment. For an individual exhibitor, participating in a shell scheme installation can be a more cost effective option. For an exhibition organiser, the importance of robust event management and effective liaison with exhibitors is key. Find out more about our event management service.