Exhibition stand design & build

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We pride ourselves on the versatility and scope of our designs. Our designers are chosen to best reflect your products or services.

The requirements of a new computer game company exhibiting to the public will be totally different to a pharmaceutical company looking to engage with clinicians. We make sure we get the right design for your business from the start. Our design process continues to evolve as new technology and design techniques emerge, and is underpinned by rigorous design principles:


Firstly, we’ll meet with you to establish your requirements: what you need from your exhibition stand; where the exhibition will be held; who the target audience is; and what you are looking to achieve by exhibiting.

Gathering information and corporate assets

We’ll ask you to gather all of the necessary logos, product or service descriptions and any other useful information (preferably in an electronic format). This is generally quite a lengthy process even in the most organised of companies and is why we suggest that this process starts early!

Line drawings

Having established your requirements and the budget, our designers start working on a line drawing of the stand’s layout, functions and general look. On completion you will be presented with a number of options for the stand design.

3D CAD designs

When you’ve made a decision on your preferred option, the exhibition stand will be rendered into a 3D design. The level of realism achieved by our designers is quite outstanding, giving you a real taste for how the finished stand will look.

Fly throughs

For particularly complex designs, a fly through using an animated film of the exhibition stand can be provided in addition to the 3D visuals designs. This is a virtual reality style rendering, showing the exhibition stand from all angles (and even inside), providing an even better feel for the size and impact of the stand.


As part of the final approvals process we provide a full budget and timeline for the exhibition stand, including any alterations you might wish to make. This process also includes presenting designs and plans to the exhibition organisers for the relevant permits together with risk assessments and method statements


The final step is to build your exhibition stand! At one of our manufacturing bases we build the components of your exhibition stand to the highest specification. The stand is the erected in-house to ensure that it goes together as expected. It is thoroughly checked before being marked up for re-assembly and then dismantled for shipping to the venue. All components are carefully and securely packed and can be shipped to anywhere in the world.