Custom Build Exhibition Stands

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Bespoke exhibition stands designed and built to your exact requirements.

Nothing can beat the impact of a bespoke, custom build exhibition stand. A custom build exhibition stand is built exactly to your requirements. Given enough time, money and imagination almost anything can be achieved. We’ve designed and built custom exhibition stands all over the world for all kinds of different clients - if you’re struggling for inspiration, fear not! Our designers love the challenge of representing brands and new concepts in innovative ways. We use all kinds of techniques to give your bespoke design impact, including exciting materials such as thermoformed plastics in organic shapes and dramatic light effects.

There’s a lot to consider when planning a custom build exhibition stand. You’ll need to think about a budget for the project (in addition to the cost of the space at the event), your objectives and target market, as well as any venue restrictions. For more tips and pointers on where to start, read our article on how to write a brief for an exhibition stand.

A custom build exhibition stand is a significant investment. It is vitally important that your exhibition stand management company understand your needs and objectives in order to ensure your exhibition stand is a success. At CNM Exhibitions, we go through a rigorous planning stage to ensure that your custom build exhibition stand more than meets your requirements - read more about our design and build process.

Although a custom build exhibition stand is usually a more expensive option than a modular exhibition stand, there are ways that your exhibition stand can be designed and built to maximise value for money. For example, elements of the stand can be reused at multiple exhibitions, and custom exhibition displays can be reskinned with update graphics for use the following year. For more ideas on how to maximise your investment, get in touch - we’d love to have a chat.

Benefits of a custom build exhibition stand

  • Impact - with a custom build exhibition stand you can create a visually stunning installation that wows your prospective clients
  • Brand fidelity - with a custom build exhibition stand you can accurately present your company and brand without compromise
  • Long term investment - with careful planning, your custom exhibition displays and even elements of the structure itself can be reused at multiple events
  • Flexibility - a custom build exhibition stand allows you the flexibility you need, including the way the space is utilised and the equipment you need