One challenge is that the health and safety policies of many UK venues are usually dictated by local authorities, in addition to the statutory regulations set out by the Health & Safety Executive.

A further complicating factor is that UK health and safety rules and practices differ in other countries in the EU, and differ again in countries beyond the EU (that is pre-supposing there are any regulations to adhere to in some of the more ‘interesting’ parts of the world!).

Consequently it is an area that many exhibitors and organisers struggle to deal with. We can help you assess the risks, complete the required H&S statements, or even formulate a health and safety policy.

This is an area of exhibitions, conferences and events that should not be ignored. It’s essential that all the required forms are completed and submitted to the relevant people in good time. Should there be a problem at an event, any investigation starts with the forms supplied by the exhibitor.

Should you be exhibiting in a part of the world that does not have regulatory health and safety requirements, it still makes sense to go through due process. Your own health and safety procedure and internal documents will help you consider the possible risks and health and safety issues and forestall potential interruptions to the smooth running of your event. In fact your own insurance company will probably insist upon evidenced risk assessments, and it’s much easier to carry these out as part of the planning for your event, rather than in a rush at the last minute.